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Analytical corporate finance

Basic Concepts -- Valuation Tools -- The Relationship Between Risk and Return -- Business Analysis -- Debt Valuation -- Equity Valuation -- Capital Structure -- Company Valuation -- Financial and Real Options -- Long-Term Financing -- Working Capital Management -- Financial Planning -- International Corporate Finance -- Special Topics.

This book draws readers' attention to the financial aspects of daily life at a corporation by combining a robust mathematical setting and the explanation and derivation of the most popular models of the firm. Intended for third-year undergraduate students of business finance, quantitative finance, and financial mathematics, as well as first-year postgraduate students, it is based on the twin pillars of theory and analytics, which merge in a way that makes it easy for students to understand the exact meaning of the concepts and their representation and applicability in real-world contexts. Examples are given throughout the chapters in order to clarify the most intricate aspects; where needed, there are appendices at the end of chapters, offering additional mathematical insights into specific topics. Due to the recent growth in knowledge demand in the private sector, practitioners can also profit from the book as a bridge-builder between university and industry. Lastly, the book provides useful information for managers who want to deepen their understanding of risk management and come to recognize what may have been lacking in their own systems.

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Publisher Springer Berlin Heidelberg : New York, New York.,
xx, 501 pages : illustrations

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